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Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza This is based on a “Hawaiian” style ham and pineapple pizza. I used to like these before

Dee’s stuffed crust Pizza

Dee’s stuffed crust pizza Three Halloween cheers for Friday night pizza night! Hip hip hooray… So many trick or treaters

Pancake Pizza

PANCAKE PIZZA Pancake Pizza Slice Looks like pizza. Tastes like one giant sweet pancake! This ‘Pancake Pizza’ is low in

Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla Pizza During my recent visit to Assisi I devoured some amazing pizzas, senza formaggio of course. All of the

Umami packed Mushroom Pizzas

Umami-Packed Mushroom Pizzas Here’s a treat for the weekend; Pizza in a mushroom! I’m in heaven! The tastebuds in your

Vegan Margherita Pizza

Vegan Margherita Pizza Margherita pizza is really simple but nice, with tomato, basil and mozzarella. I use vegan mozzarella of