Did you say sweet and spicy smoked tofu? Mmm…

5 minute Asian mix plate. Stuffed rice rolls drizzled with spinach pesto, mixed leaves and purple sprouts and a little bowl of sweet and spicy smoke tofu.

Rice paper is just so delicate and lovely and perfect when you are craving a lighter bite.
Take a disc and sit in a bowl/plate of warm water and 15 seconds or so later you have a lovely soft rice sheet to play with. Pop ingredients in the middle and wrap and roll. I just picked and chopped green beans, red onion and carrot for my filling.

I lazily squeezed some leftover spinach pesto on top yum.

Side salad. Pretty little sprouts, red pepper and spinach leaves with squeeze of lime.

For the tofu:

  • I bought a packet of smoked tofu which has an extra kick to it.
  • Cut into desired size
  • Heat wok and mix the following olive oil, garlic powder, chilli sauce (I like mine hot), agave nectar, soy sauce and rice mirin.
  • Add tofu and toss around until gooey and delicious and slightly browned. Serve up and off you go. This tofu marinade is great mixed into coconut milk too!

Eating time!

Love Louise