What if I said I have a recipe that takes 5 min, requires no cooking, no equipment and is healthy but tastes oh so naughty! The lovely Iswari sent me a box of their delicious range aggeeeees ago, and I kept on waiting for that perfect recipe to use their products in, and then in the waiting I forgot all about them (sorry iswari) so get ready for lots of inspired nom noms over the next while.

Healthy choccy chip mixed seed dough balls

  • 100g of stone ground oats. I use macrooms finest
  • 50g of mixed seeds of choice. I had hemp, chia and flax earlier in my salad so decided upon the same
  • 1 tsp of melted coconut oil
  • 1 tbls of nut butter
  • Splash of vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • Generous squeeze of rice syrup (agave, date and maple all work great here too)
  • And the piece de resistance …Iswari Ireland/UKKK exotica! If you haven’t tried these than you have been missing out. Toasted cacao nibs with coconut sugar oh my goodness. Generously shake them into the mix


  1. Combine all ingredients!
  2. I find a little splash of water or almond milk helps to bind everything into a nice dough
  3. Roll into individual balls and into the fridge to set or just eat as is.
  4. I make these quite a bit but have always used choc chips. The exotica makes a yummy healthier alternative.

Sweet, simple and surprisingly filling
Now time to pop on the kettle and get sampling