CW Extra Strength 30ml Mint Choc

CW Extra Strength CBD Oil is boosted 2x stronger than CW Full Strength CBD Oil and helps more specific wellness issues.

Available in Mint Chocolate Flavour or Olive Oil.

CW Extra Strength CBD Oil will help you to:

  • Fortify your body and mind with the benefits of cannabinoids

  • Target moderate changes in health

  • Strengthen a foundation of overall wellness

CW™ proudly donates to further the research on how cannabinoids may positively impact Diabetes, Migraines, Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, CTE and others.

Taking CW Extra Strength CBD Oil:

  • This hemp extract oil can be taken orally or added to your favorite smoothie, salad dressing, coffee, you name it!

  • Enjoy 1mL of CW Extra Strength CBD Oil twice daily. The 30 mL dropper holds .5mL and the 100mL dropper holds 1mL.

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