Festive sides: Boozy breaded Brussels Sprouts

So Brussel Sprouts are always a contentious one! A serious split camp with these little fellas but I flippin love them so I’m being selfish. I would happily eat them raw but for this recipe I’m trying to gain a few on the fence sprouters, so I breaded and fried, to make a disguise (love a rhyme). Not the most aesthetically appealing dish but the flavours ahhhh.

How to:

  • Tail about 10 sprouts and slice in two.
  • Into a buttered pan, sautée for 5 min and then add a squeeze of lemon, generous splash of white wine, salt and pepper.
  • Let them do their thing until golden brown.
  • Soooo good as is I had to stop myself from eating all of them at this point.
  • Set aside to cool for a few min
  • Set up a panko flake/egg replacer combo area and get breading
  • Into the deep frier for 5 min
  • Skewer up and get dipping

I’m all about short cuts for Christmas eats so I called on my three yummy pals.
Follow Your Heart Veganaise mayo, Rebel Chilli​ relish and Eat vegans vegan pesto

  • Pesto as is!

Chilli mix:

  • Large spoon of mayo
  • Large spoon of chilli
  • Squeeze of lemon and rice syrup
  • Holy moly just the best.

I see this as one of my many lazy St. Stephens day nibbles. Just the yummiest side going.